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In our historic laboratory, high quality artistic objects are made, handmade, with an ancient method, handed down for generations by the Ugolini. The forging, hammering, embossing and chiselling and finally the patination, give the object value and prestige, a unique work of high craftsmanship. Amphorae, vase holders, basins, lamps, all faithful reproductions of ancient models that can be found in museums and historic buildings. Our laboratory allows us to assemble metals, with crystals, precious marbles and hard stone, creating objects of great beauty and great value.


was founded in the nineteenth century and based in Florence in the Santo Spirito area of Oltrarno. It is under the city of Florence protection, a part of “Esercizi storici fiorentini” The Association of Historic, Traditional and Typical Shops in Florence

Passion, Art, Tradition, Invention, Beauty, all this is Ugolini Come and visit us, you will be fascinated!

Restoration of ancient objects

Ugolini Luciano is also specialized in the restoration of antique metal objects.
Come and visit us in our laboratory-show-room in Florence
Via del Presto di S. Martino, 23r Italy.
In our artisan laboratory it is possible to create customized models, also taking advantage of the models of our own production that are continuously created and processed to meet the needs of our refined international clientele.